Year Book

Since 1973 NATA have published an annual Year Book.

Our prize winning publication includes:

  • photos and pedigrees of Airedales gaining the title of UK Champion
  • photos and pedigrees of Airedales winning their first Challenge Certificate
  • photos and critiques from our own shows
  • photos and results from individual kennels both in the UK and Overseas (see advertising)
  • Championship Show results
  • Challenge Certificate winners
  • breed club news, both UK and Overseas
  • Judging lists and criteria
  • UK and Overseas membership lists
  • articles and a wealth of other information

This publication, which plays an important role in the worldwide promotion of the Airedale Terrier is published in April of each year. To order or advertise, please click on the links below...

Earlier Copies are also available at
£10.00 each UK and £15.00 each Overseas
 (inclusive of post & packing)