National Airedale Terrier Association

National Airedale Terrier Association


2014 Open Show Results


Judge: Mr T Mather (Barklots)




Best in Show :



Crillee Cool Scarlet



Reserve Best in Show :  



Autograph Seeker For Stargus


Best Opposite Sex:



Autograph Warrior To Stargus


Best Puppy in Show:


 Hampton & Hall's

Muliebrity Symphony







Minor Puppy Dog (3,1a)

1 Actons’ Jantaradon Royal George

2 Johnstons’ Nedella Desert Flame




Puppy Dog (1)

1 Hampton & Hall’s Muliebrity Symphony (BPIS & RBD)


Junior Dog (3)

1 Lee’s Autograph Warrior To Stargus (BD & BOS) 

2 Toulsons’ Toulsyork Idiosyncrasy

3 Turners’ Crillee Catch By Surprise



Maiden Dog (1,1a)




Graduate Dog

No entries



Limit Dog (2,2a)





Open Dog (2,1a)

1 Moores’ Jokyl Time After Time





















Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1a)

1 Morris’ Nedella Flame Opal  

2 Shurvintons’ Stargus Black Orchid At Shurcon

3 Actons’ Jantaradon Royal Sovereign  

4 Weatherleys’ Kenquartz Charleston At Juclay


Puppy Bitch (2)

1 Toulson’s Lytchdale Miss Indignant For Toulsyork (BPB)

2 Hampton & Hall’s Muliebrity Harmony


Junior Bitch (5,1a)

1 Lee’s Autograph Seeker For Stargus (RBB & RBIS)

2 Toulsons’ Toulsyork Ha Ha Hope

3 Keays’ Jaymitch Chestnut Cha Cha

4 Edwards’ Smockalley Razamataz


Maiden Bitch

No entries


Graduate Bitch (4,1a)

1 Keays’ Jaymitch Jaunty Panachon

2 Moules’ Doraemi Kismet  

3 Brennans’ Nedella Olympic Medallist From Buddonwood  


Limit Bitch (4,1a)

1 Turners’ Crillee Cool Scarlet (BB & BIS)

2 Steinke’s Temtiz African Flame Lily

3 Moules’ Doraemi Kiki Dee  


Open Bitch (3)

1 Edington-Hall’s Wendaire Jokers Angels Kiss

2 Moores’ Toulsyork Elegant Emphasis

3 Steinke’s Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel


Arthur Lodge Memorial Stakes Dog/Bitch

1 Edington-Hall’s Wendaire Jokers Angels Kiss (b)

2 Steinke’s Temtiz African Flame Lily (b)

3 Johnstons’ Nedella Desert Flame (d)